Friday, October 16, 2015

We had been waiting for October 16th for what felt like months, even though it was really only weeks. Then all of a sudden it was the night before Kamila's adoption hearing. Brian had gone the day before to Kamila's village to pick up her grandfather and uncle. He brought them back to our town so they could stay the night because we were leaving very early the next morning. Kamila's grandfather is a sweet {very old} man who had told us the week before that he would not come to Kamila's hearing. It is a very long trip for him to make and he is not in good health. He has already made the trip three other times with us for different things concerning her adoption and didn't see why it was necessary for him to come this time. But it was very necessary for him to be at this hearing, like mandatory. So Kamila's other uncle from three hours away traveled with us back into their village to surprise her grandfather and ask him one more time to PLEASE come with us. Praise God he finally agreed this time! 

So the next morning we got the older four kids situated with their sitters, picked up Kamila's grandfather and uncle from their hotel, and started the journey to Arusha where along the way we would also be picking up our friend Joyce {the courts wanted her to testify} and Kamila's other uncle. We actually left on time which was a miracle in itself! 

We had been driving for about an hour and everything was going so smooth. We normally get stopped anywhere from 3-5 times typically by the police when we go to Arusha. It was literally like they were not even seeing us this trip, which is exactly what we had prayed for. Then all of a sudden Kamila {who was sitting on my lap} pointed out the window and said "angel!" I have never heard her say this word before! Then she pointed and said, "Jesus!" Right at that moment a white dove flew right across our front window. {side note.... I have never seen a white dove here. I don't even really know if there are any here. But I am 100% that we saw one yesterday.} Brian looked at me in the rearview mirror and we both just smiled. I had been praying all morning for angels of protection to surround our vehicle and make us invisible to the police. It was a super powerful moment where we were reminded that Christ was right there with us, through the mouth of our two year old daughter. 

We arrived to the courthouse on time and went to the waiting area to be called. We would be called anywhere from the 8-12 timeframe. At 9:00 we got summoned to the judge's chambers. We all filed into the office and my heart was beating 100 miles an hour. All of a sudden the judge asked where our social welfare officer was. Our lawyer had called him that morning and he had told him he was on his way to the courts. Now it was our time and he was not there. Our judge {who has a reputation for being the toughest judge in Arusha} said we could not proceed without the social welfare officer in case he needed to ask him anything. I looked at Brian in disbelief. Then a miracle happened. The judge said he would allow us to come back at 1:00 and try again with social welfare. So we filed out of his office with a few hours to kill. 

When we got back to the courthouse I was so nervous and concerned that our social welfare officer would not show up. We kept looking around for him and trying to see him coming in but didn't. Then they called us back to the judge. As soon as I saw our social welfare officer sitting in the chair tears just started to come. I was SO relieved and in shock that this moment was actually about to happen. Two years of having our daughter and we were finally having her court hearing!! The judge was super strict during the hearing and super intimidating. There were some issues that arose during the hearing that we thought he was literally going to just throw our case out and deny us. It was a tense hour for sure. By the end though Brian and I both felt like it was going better. He told us that November 2nd he would be passing down his ruling. So now we wait until then to see if he approves or denies our adoption and then it is all over. 

One of the most emotional parts for me yesterday was actually just getting to spend time with three of Kamila's family members. Her family is really so precious to us and we are so blessed and thankful by their willingness to help us whenever needed with her adoption. At one point yesterday her grandfather was talking to her Uncles and told them that he couldn't believe how big and well she was doing. That if Kamila was still with her birth mother he was positive she would be dead by now. Those words were so intense to hear looking at my daughter. Sometimes it is too much for my heart to process what her life could have been. I loved watching her with her Uncles playing with them and them holding her and loving on her. I do not take for granted how wonderful our "open adoption" with her family has gone. 

So now we wait to hear. And for the first time I am actually allowing my heart to dream about being able to bring Kamila back to the States to meet all of her family and friends who have not yet met her. Dreaming of how wonderful it will be to have all of this behind us and just be a family. Not having this unspoken fear in my heart that somehow someone will be able to take her away from us. Please pray with us that the judge will rule in our favor and our daughter will legally become a Loudermilk. We are so thankful to God for his continued goodness, faithfulness, and protection over our family.


  1. Dying to get an update on the Judge's ruling. Praying that she's "officially" yours!

  2. Your family is in our prayers! We miss you all, and will continue to pray for your family, and adoption! <3 much love and peace to you all, Shalom!